These are some of the things we saw in New Orleans


This is Anne Rice, the authors home    This house is the same on all street sides    Wrought iron porches    Nice old house

No Cafe Du Monde is not gone!    Ed eating a beignet    Jackson Square from the river    Buggy rides for the rich and famous ($50/hr)

This is a drink dispenser!    One of the many gay bars in New Orleans    Another gay bar    Alcohol is everywhere

Ed on the way to Mardi Gras World    One of the many picturesque streets in New Orleans    Another beautiful street    Corn cob fence

The streetcar we used to go to the zoo    Some street art    More street art    Street performers

Double shotgun house    Lafitte Cafe right next door to the Lafitte Guest House    Picture of the whole Cafe    Bordello (olden days)

Guess what this is? Email me if you are really curious    Mary's? Right in the heart of the gay district????    It rained a little in New Orleans (really Armstrong Park)